My Health Philosophy

Everything we need for Optimum Health has been created by God and given to us. Generally, whatever Man made, is processed and full of chemicals and preservatives.

  • Go for Fresh, Organic unprocessed foods. If the label has more than 5 ingredients in it or you can’t pronounce them, skip it.
  • Get Plenty of Sun!! Most Americans are severally deficient in Vitamin D which leads to Depression, Cancer, and a weakened immune system. The sun is the BEST way to get it Naturally, but if you can’t get out in the sun, look for a good quality Vitamin D3 supplement with Vitamin K! Without the K, the D can’t get absorbed properly.
  • Drink plenty of good, clean water. Invest in a good quality reverse osmosis system. And since the skin is your biggest organ, install shower filters to protect you from unwanted chlorine & fluoride.
  • Avoid man-made fats (vegetable oil, canola oil, any hydrogenated oils) and look for Healthy oils from nature (avocado, coconut, grapeseed, olive oils).
  • Laugh…out loud!! We keep plenty of “Seinfeld” dvd’s on hand for when we need a good, belly laugh.  :-D
  • Spend quiet time every morning. Meditate, pray, read and remember that God loves you!
  • Do something physical everyday. Go for a walk, jump rope, burst train. Just get outside and breathe!