Why No-Sugar and Low Wheat?

The majority of my recipes contain no processed sugars and very little wheat.  Why, you may ask?

Well, most of the modern day diseases we see in America today are linked to Inflammation: Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. And that inflammation is on a cellular level. The number one cause of inflammation in the body is the excess of sugar and anything that converts to a sugar.  Did you know that 4 seconds after a grain hits your tongue it converts to a sugar?  Yes, even Whole Grains!

As a country, we are addicted to refined grains, wheat and sugar. Just listen to the mom who tells you her kid won’t eat anything but pasta, potatoes or bread. That addiction is even stronger than a heroin addiction.  The same receptor sites in your brain that respond to heroin, respond to refined grains.   It drives your insulin & glucose levels up just like a soda would.  That’s why I’ve opted to use natural sugar alternatives* and several grain-free flours like coconut & almond flour.  Plus, it helps maintain a healthy waistline! We all need treats & sweets to enjoy life, and I hope to show you how to make healthier options.