For the Dogs

fwf-tips-page-101613-dogsFat isn’t just important for us humans. Our canine friends also need plenty of it. It keeps their coat lustrous, reduces inflammation and helps support a healthy immune system. So many conventional dog foods cook out important nutrients and fats that are vital to your dogs overall health. That’s why I “doctor up” my pooch’s food.

Georgia is our year old Mini Labradoodle, and yes, she’s the Princess of the house! While I know that a raw diet is best for her, that doesn’t always work with our busy lifestyle, so I give her a top quality, grain-free dog food and supplement it with lots of goodies. The one constant ingredient is coconut oil. She LOVES it!! I take a tablespoon and mix it into her kibbles. (If your pooch isn’t used to it, start slow as it can cause the loosey gooseies, if you know what I mean.) Then I’ll add whatever else I have laying around, or whatever I’m eating.

Here’s are some varieties to try:

• Chia Seeds
• Avocados
• Raw cheese
• Organic eggs
• Leftover steamed veggies
• Blueberries

It’s really easy to bump up the nutrition in your dogs diet. If I’m having greek yogurt with chia seeds, I just toss some in Georgia’s bowl. If I’m having scrambled eggs with avocados, I make a little extra for the Doodlebug.

I’ve noticed a BIG difference in her coat since I started her on the coconut oil and I’m not the only one. After her last cut, the groomer brought her out and commented on how shiny and full her coat has become!

The old adage is as true for animals as it is for humans…garbage in, garbage out…goodness in, goodness out.

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